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Who should submit to the location Gallery?

The 4 Corners Film Office is always seeking unique properties and businesses to add to the Location Gallery. Do you often hear how “picturesque”, “scenic” or “quirky” your location is? That is just what we are looking for. Our region is so diverse in its surroundings that “locations” can include private residences, large ranches, restaurants, hotels, bars and other distinctive properties and businesses.

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Listing your property with the 4 Corners Film Office will allow location scouts and producers to see the variety of rural, urban, western, desert and mountainous areas our region has to offer. Being featured in a film, commercial or other types of digital media platforms could benefit you in several ways:

  • Earn Location Fees
  • Additional Customers
  • Exposure
  • Bravado

What if my property is selected?

If your property is selected as a location, there are a few questions you should ask in the preliminary discussion. Each property and production company is different and additional information may be needed.

  • What is the name of the Production Company and title of production?
  • The production company contact name, phone number and email address?
  • What type of production is it?
  • How many shoot dates? Shoot hours per day? Prep days?
  • Ask them to provide a description of the activity taking place in the scene (s)
  • The number of crew, cast, and vehicles?
  • Do they have insurance?

How much should I charge?

Productions vary in crew size and budgets. Indie films are usually small crews and low budgets, whereas, a large studio feature film will usually have higher budgets and larger crews. When determining how much to charge for location fees, keep in mind the following criteria as it relates to you and your business:

  • The cost of additional staffing
  • Any loss of business (if applicable)
  • The cost of utilities
  • Will the production utilize your furnishings

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