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Historic Western Hotel

One of the largest remaining wooden structures on the western slope, the hotel’s architecture combines Victorian Italianate elegance with the old, wild west. The open second floor veranda extends over the sidewalk to streetside as the grand entrance for stagecoach guests of the past.

The hotel was built in 1891, the richest year of the mining boom, as a miner’s palace with high tin ceilings, stained glass, an historic ornate western bar and lobby, elegant suites with private baths overlooking the veranda, and period- preserved rooms and furnishings.

A truly wonderful way to experience the charm of the old west in the most romantic town in Colorado!

206 & 210 7th Avenue
P.O. Box 25
Ouray, Colorado 81427
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Western Hotel

Western Hotel

Western Hotel

Hotel Room

Western Hotel

Dining Room

Western Hotel


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