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The Four Corners Film Office is a single point of contact for production companies and locals with experience working in the production industry. Let us promote your services to this very specific market by joining our Production Guide.

Why Join the Production Guide?


Visiting productions tend to hire local crew members in an effort to keep travel costs down. Our Goal is connect professional local crew with these productions. Submitting to our Production Guide will allow you to be informed of incoming production jobs and networking possibilities within the region.

If you would like to gain experience working with film and television productions, please join our e-newsletter for upcoming training’s and seminars.


Production companies are often looking to cast local actors for their project. These can be anything from significant roles to unpaid crowd extras who are just enjoying being part of a production. If you have previous acting, performing or modeling experience, or are interested in being an extra when the need arises, please forward your resume and head shot to us so we can refer you to visiting productions.


Visiting production teams come in ALL sizes, from 3 to 300. Like tourists, visiting production crews need quality food, lodging, and transportation, but unlike tourists, these needs must be met with minimal disruption to the crew’s intense, 12 to 16 hour work days. On-site catering is common. Rental vehicles and equipment may be required, including trucks, vans, Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV’s), lifts, generators and specialized production equipment. Productions may be looking for horses or other animals, and wranglers or other professionals who work with them.

If you are interested in offering support services to visiting productions—especially with a film-friendly discount available through the Four Corners Film Office—please contact us. We maintain a list of these services and the discounts we can offer on them for production companies. Despite perceptions of a free-spending film industry, the reality is that production budgets have tightened dramatically—along with everyone else’s—and a discount may help get the production to our area instead of another, or to your place of business instead of a competitor. Production is more budget focused now than at any time in history, and a community that shows its understanding of this fact is more likely to win projects.


The 4CFO is proud to offer a new online fundraising platform for local, southwest area production companies and professionals. The new initiative uses Main Street Crowd, a web-based financial investment tool, to assist local production professionals with film, video and media projects. Visit the 4CFO’s Main Street Crowd page to learn more.


Production companies sometimes require private ranches, large estates, or unique houses and businesses. A collection of film-friendly private properties and businesses can be a significant advantage in attracting productions. The Four Corners Film Office will highlight your property to these interested parties. For more information on negotiating with production, click here.


The Four Corners Film Office is housed in the Durango Film Institute dba Durango Independent Film Festival office located at 835 Main Avenue, Suite 208 and provides in-kind staff time for administration purposes. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization funded by sponsors, grantors and individual donors.  Learn more about our Partners here.


The Annual Durango Independent Film Festival is held the first full weekend in March. The organization continues to grow and expand the events presented each year. Check out the Durango Independent Film Festival website for information regarding the Manhattan Short Film Festival, Dinner and a Movie events and additional film showings.


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